Thursday, July 16, 2009

Needs Commentary, Featuring me!!!!!!

Download. Listen. Enjoy. As We Don't Really Talk About DOA


DOA the Video Game movie
Boobs, Eric Roberts and Kevin Nash!
And Justin bitching about something download it here

Super Late Tuesday Anime Review (Now on Thursday!)

Zombie Loan
13 Episodes
Written By - Peach-Pit
Directed by - Akira Nishimori

Alright Zombie Loan, another 13 episode, or 11 episode and then 2 more later show. The show follows Michiru Kita who has Grim Reapers Eyes ooooooooooooooo scary!!!!!! Anyways she meets these two guys at school who end up being zombies that have the switch hands to make weapons appear with zombie voodoo magic. All the zombies in the show are part of a little loan agency that they owe money to and will die if they don't pay their debt....... so how do they get money you ask me??????? THEY HUNT ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a fluff show for me, didn't take a long time to go through it but when it was over..... didn't really care. It was funny, there was a lesbian, mafia voodoo priest and an itty bitty grim reaper. The show left like there was more to come since nothing really happened in it..... we'll see though.

Animation fit, I don't know why but I liked when the argued and the animation switched to the simples more basic make me laugh stuff, music there... I think... and like i said before, opening and closing credits....... WHO CARES! Don't know why people like that crap...... This show isn't the greatest but if you want time to pass and have a few laughs i'd recommend it, but its nothing special.

All in All 4.5/10 Remember this is a fluff show, you won't be getting the secret lives of the dead here just guns, swords, lesbians, and nothing else

Children of Earth

Torchwood - Season 3 Children of Earth
5 Episodes
Starring - John Barrowman (Jack Harkness) Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper) Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones)
Written By - Russel T Davies, John Fay, and James Moran

Season 3/the mini series came and went in one weeks time which is quite nice of the BBC, no Waiting. To me this is kind of the final Torchwood. There can be more stuff with Captain jack but maybe its time he gets a stand alone series hmmmmmmmmmmmm??????
Anyways, Children of Earth is about just that, an alien comes to Earth to take 10% of the worlds children back to whatever f'd planet it came from. The Government trying to hide its past with the alien shuts down Torchwood with explosions and angry women and tries to kill jack in many different and explosive in the chest ways.

I'm Not gonna spoil it for you, but i really enjoyed this mini series, maybe it was nostalgia from not seeing anything Torchwood for a while, but i thought it was brilliant that you don't ever really see the alien. While there are spcial effects in the series its not all super CGI alien attack. They rely on the actors ability to act...... interesting.

Sadly this seems like the end of Torchwood, but what a way to go really well written hard edged, human race is a bunch of dicks Sci-fi. I only wish there were more shows like this one!

8/10 Saved the torpedoes for the next one!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Doctor Who

With Doctor Who being on a somewhat hiatus, and Torchwood Season 3 just starting but being only a mini series, anything new from the Who is good!

Probaly to play in October or after the new Torchwood Season is Over

Das Review - S.Darko

S.Darko Directed by - Chris Fisher (TV Episodes for Chuck, Coldcase, Moonlight)
Written by- Nathan Atkins(was assistant editor for masters of horror and 24)
Starring - Daveigh Chase (Donnie Darko), Elizabeth Berkely (Showgirls, Saved by the Bell)

Alright then, we have a sequel to one of the movies that i really like but don't know why (Donnie Darko). S.Darko takes place 7 years after the original and follows Donnie's younger sister Samantha (Daviegh Chase), the one that dances (yay). Sam and her friend hottie slutty... I mean Corey(Briana Evigan) are driving to wait until they are 26 and they can drink.... it's a song people.... Anyways the get stuck in a weirdo town called Conjeo Springs, filled with crazy soldiers, greasers and Elizabeth Berkley who loves Jesus Now! So Sam sleepwalks like her brother and her future dead self comes and makes sure some guy does not get hit by a flaming poo and all time goes wonky.....

I can't spoil the plot because i don't understand it, but it includes burning a church down, dead boys, time travelling cars and a someone using a library.

Things I liked - The Library! The Mask made by the crazy soldier to resemble the creepy bunny thing from the first one, and the line "What do gods Farts Smell like? um.... Marshmallow Peeps"

Things I Didn't Like - Everything else, the acting wasn't bad... or good, the greaser guy bugged me though... the cop bugged me.... the priest guy... the rest of the cast really bugged me. Corey was hot, and dressed like a slut from the 80's i guess that's good though...

Conclusion - This movie was bad, It makes me sad that it wasn't even close to the original. A lot of people say the soundtrack was awesome, i hated it, not a song i like or any good mood setting music like in Donnie.

This Movie Gets Torpedoed.... Twice one extra for my sadness

Torchwood Season 3

It Might Only Be 6 Episodes but Torchwood is back and I LOVE IT!!!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm on A Boat

Take a Good Hard look at the muh F'in boat!!!!

Tuesday Anime Review - Paranoia Agent

For the very first Tuesday anime review I am doing Paranoia agent!


Psychological Horror, Mystery
Studio - Madhouse
Date- 2004
# of Episodes- 13
Director - Satoshi Kon

Off the top Paranoia Agent seems to be about a elementary school boy who goes around attacking people with as ill shaped bat, he is dubbed "Shonen Bat" or "Bat Boy". Although there is a lot more underneath the premise. I'll do my best not to give away spoilers, in case you want to watch it.

The show follows the investigation of the attacks by Shonen Bat, and how they affect the lives of the people around them. The first attack is on the creator of a lovable cute pink dog named Maromi, but as the episodes go one things start to change, rumours of the Shonen Bat are everywhere, and the lines between whats real and whats imaginary start to blur.

I did enjoy this show, but i found as the lines started to blur so did the plot of the show. Some of the later episodes seemed added on and while they did have to do with the overall story just seemed to drag on parts that didn't really matter. I found the first 6 or so episodes were the meat of the show with the final two being the conclusion. As for the end, while the main part of the ending was kinda sad if you like dogs, it never truly explains what happened to the other victims or if anything was really real or not....
thats not really a bad thing, sometimes its better to have you make your own answers to the big question of the show

All in all it was a good show, I enjoyed the way it was animated, and funny enough the quirky episodes i thought werent needed did have some fun animation to them as a plus. The music and voice actors were good quality, the opening and closing animations i didnt really like but, i never do (always skip em).

I give Paranoia Agent 6.5/10
not the best but worth a watch for sure!
Just as a tidbit of info if you do like this show check out the directors other movies (Perfect Blue, Millenium Actress(one of my faves), and Toyko Godfathers)

Submarine Away!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Back from the Japan you Love

I Have a Friend out in Japan Teaching english and he just sent me pics of the those badly translated Engrish signs..... Send me some more if you have em and ill post them up.... I Do Love Nippon

Enjoy The Madness!!!!

Aboard The German Submarine

I would like to introduce myself. I am Das Bob, The German Submarine. I am Have long been looking for a place to post my whole thoughts on movies, books, the internet and so on.... and now i have my chance. So come with me and take a ride on the German Submarine.

The Beginning
A Review of "The Spirit"

So I Just watched the spirit, Directed by Frank Miller, You know the "Sin City" Guy. Anyways.... WTF I'm not really sure what I am watching here its not really a movie as it is some kind of weird comic book guys dream fantasy.... oh wait... Directed by Frank Miller.... makes Sense now.
Well the supposed plot is of a man who is killed and then reborn again to not be as killable, just dumber or maybe just as dumb???? I think. He has to kill Samuel Jackson, and Scarlett Johansson is in the movie.... Don't know why yet!

- Eva Mendes -
who also has a role in this movie as the girl from the heroes childhood gone bad after a run in with the fuzz. Well I can't relate to that she is gorgeous and i am ok with watching her on screen.
Thats it... yup

The Bad Parts-

1. Gabriel Macht -
While having a german sounding name helps, the star of such films like The Recruit or Behind Enemy Lines... well he was in behind enemy lines... Thats what IMDB tells me at least, he wasn't terrible per say..... *cough cough*

look im gonna get to the point, this movie was bad, like almost unwatchable at times bad.... i know out there are fans of this Graphic novel, but please... agree this was a bad movie..

Final verdict.... Torpedoed by the German Submarine!