Monday, June 29, 2009

Aboard The German Submarine

I would like to introduce myself. I am Das Bob, The German Submarine. I am Have long been looking for a place to post my whole thoughts on movies, books, the internet and so on.... and now i have my chance. So come with me and take a ride on the German Submarine.

The Beginning
A Review of "The Spirit"

So I Just watched the spirit, Directed by Frank Miller, You know the "Sin City" Guy. Anyways.... WTF I'm not really sure what I am watching here its not really a movie as it is some kind of weird comic book guys dream fantasy.... oh wait... Directed by Frank Miller.... makes Sense now.
Well the supposed plot is of a man who is killed and then reborn again to not be as killable, just dumber or maybe just as dumb???? I think. He has to kill Samuel Jackson, and Scarlett Johansson is in the movie.... Don't know why yet!

- Eva Mendes -
who also has a role in this movie as the girl from the heroes childhood gone bad after a run in with the fuzz. Well I can't relate to that she is gorgeous and i am ok with watching her on screen.
Thats it... yup

The Bad Parts-

1. Gabriel Macht -
While having a german sounding name helps, the star of such films like The Recruit or Behind Enemy Lines... well he was in behind enemy lines... Thats what IMDB tells me at least, he wasn't terrible per say..... *cough cough*

look im gonna get to the point, this movie was bad, like almost unwatchable at times bad.... i know out there are fans of this Graphic novel, but please... agree this was a bad movie..

Final verdict.... Torpedoed by the German Submarine!

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